Bowl Like a Pro: The Secret Book of the Masters (English Edition) por Paul Murphy

February 23, 2020

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Titulo del libro: Bowl Like a Pro: The Secret Book of the Masters (English Edition)
Autor: Paul Murphy
Número de páginas: 71 páginas
Fecha de lanzamiento: August 5, 2017

Paul Murphy con Bowl Like a Pro: The Secret Book of the Masters (English Edition)

Bowl Like a Pro: The Secret Book of the Masters was written and designed for both beginners and intermediate players of the sport to aid them in improving their game through practical and down-to-earth instruction.

Part 1 deals with my personal history, and how I started in the sport. Also, it is in this part of the book I established how bowling fits into the modern lifestyle, and the various kinds of benefits to be expected while playing this sport.

Part 2 discusses all about the equipment and gear used in game of bowling. It has been noted that often times, players jump right in without realizing the need to understand the equipment before having to start building any skills. To know more about how to find the right bowling ball, the section; Selecting Your Bowling Ball has all the information and for those who have no idea what a reactive resin cover stock is, you can discover more about what cover stocks really are in Mastering Bowling Ball Cover Stocks.

To discover more about pin racks, and the reason behind the particular manner of behavior showed by bowling pins when hit by bowling balls, then head over to Rack & Pins. And finally, a special discussion on bowling shoes have also been prepared in the section Bowling Shoes and Why They Count.

Not only will I help you in selecting gear, I am also going to help you know how to maintain it. This is found in the section Maintenance Tips for Bowling Balls.

Part 3 of this book discusses the basic skills involved bowling. For an extensive discussion of proper behavior in bowling alleys, read the section Etiquette… Or How to Bowl Like a Sir/Madame.

If you also want to learn how to manually score a bowling game, information is provided about it in The Scoring System in Bowling. The concept of Proper finger grip is also discussed in Gripping a Bowling Ball for the Fist Time.

Part 4 of the book deals with the various advanced techniques and strategies involved in the game. To learn more about the ideal oil used in bowling lanes, head over to Oil Patterns. An extensive exploration of the minute adjustments needed for a better game is provided in the section Adjustment Guidelines.

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