Crafted Meat: The new meat culture: craft and recipes (American English edition) por Hendrik Haase,Robert Klanten,Sven Ehmann

October 15, 2019

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Titulo del libro: Crafted Meat: The new meat culture: craft and recipes (American English edition)
Autor: Hendrik Haase,Robert Klanten,Sven Ehmann

Hendrik Haase,Robert Klanten,Sven Ehmann con Crafted Meat: The new meat culture: craft and recipes (American English edition)

Reseña del editor Meat is back —in many forms. Whetheras salami, air-dried ham, bratwurst, bloodsausage, pâté, or pulled pork, meat istruly experiencing a renaissance. Today,the enjoyment of meat is bucking recentascetic food trends. Quality artisanal meatsthat combine tradition and innovation arereplacing questionable mass-market industrialproducts. Whether one is sampling,enjoying, or making, attention is being paidto how the animals are bred, fed, and raised,as well historical influences, regional specialties,and production methods.With the right mix of creative yetgrounded craftsmanship, young butchersare making delectable products from premiumingredients. In addition to beingpurveyors of quality meats, they offertheir customers insider knowledge, newimpulses, and outstanding service. Today’syoung connoisseurs are also propagatingthe Nose to Tail movement, which is basedon age-old traditions of preparing and eatingan entire animal in a respectful andsustainable way.Crafted Meat is a compelling visual referenceon today’s new meat culture. It documentscurrent developments, products,and background stories for both epicuresand makers. It explores how to find thebest butcher, the tools of the trade, and thedifferences between cattle breeds and cutsof meat. It answers questions such as howbologna is made and what should be servedwith blood sausage. The book also includesclassic recipes to cook, roast, and grillas well as more experimental ones withunusual ingredients or surprising tastecombinations.Mouth-wateringly inspirational, CraftedMeat is an informative contemporary surveyof a culinary art that plays a significant Biografía del autor HENDRIK HAASE is a food activist, connoisseur, and passionate educator. As a communication designer and culinary curator, he is helping to propagate a new movement in which young butchers are taking a more holistic view of their craft. This book presents this movement and those driving it internationally. It offers condensed knowledge of the world of crafted meats for cooking enthusiasts and anyone who cares about what they eat.

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